A Toronto independent recording label for the band Saucer.


Like it's chemical counterpart Sinigrin has a unique sensory experience and is good for your insides. Give our music a listen you see what you've been lacking.

Saucer in the early and angry days :)

Found this photo from a while ago; let’s just say our hair was longer and we were still in our early twenties…

Figured you might find it interesting. As for Saucer news some new songs are being written many of them are very topical; including the latest US election and Barrack’s win (South West Hotel). Explosions at propane stations (Propane for the People?); The cold political and weather climate (Thin Iccce), and some more future proof musings (Hypaspace). All coming soon.

Keep floating, Keep Spinning Saucer Fans!

Saucer v1.0

Saucer v1.0