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wub wub wub wub

Hyperspaces – Dubstep

Given the ongoing developments in electronic music, and after years of stalwartly attempting to buck this trend, I think we’re just going to embrace it whole-heartedly, although admittedly we are awfully late to the party.  Unfortunately for everyone, when Gibson recently decided to attend CES, eschewing a booth at NAMM to better position themselves as an Consumer Electronics and Lifestyle brand, we figured this is now irreversible, and, well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Enter DJ Maestro JD who several years ago, in what I can only presume was an opioid and racket-sport induced bender, created this little ditty using our song Hyperspaces as source material.  He promptly forgot about it, and it surfaced recently at a rehersal while we were attempting to look up old songs.


The result is some of the most interesting and contemporary music we have managed to create in some time.  Unfortunately this is also causing me to have something of an existential crisis, as:

a) Jay is almost certainly the most musically talented member of the band.  A fact that has been hidden by the fact that up to this point we have only heard him hitting things with other things.

b) This makes me question our entire musical approach and makes me want to scrap all new music writing and just take our other songs and do this to it.

c) I’m going to need an entirely new wardrobe of club-friendly apparel.

d) I have about 40 guitars I’m going to need to sell to aging baby boomers before the bottom falls out of the musical instrument market.

Go ahead, just make music on your iPad. It’s cleaner and easier.

Bon Appatite!  Headphones recommended.

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